Illness update

Well, whatever part of my Africa Eclipse page that said "...and I never even got sick once!" on it, is hereby amended. I got very definitely ill following my return from Africa, and this is where I'll tell you about it if you care.

What caused this? I don't know for sure, but I'd say that when I banged my leg on that wooden bench in the middle of the night, and then took a shower the next day, there must have been some little critter in the water that decided that big gash on my leg was a good place to take up residence. In retrospect, I do remember the doc saying that if I got cut, to get out of the country. It really didn't seem like that big of a deal at the time.

Thurs. 7/12 -- Came down with fever about 7:00 pm. By midnight, full-blown 102.5° fever with the worst headache I've ever had. No appetite at all.

Fri. 7/13 -- Able to put the fever down, but it took so much Tylenol Sinus that I started throwing it up. Went into work, came right back home. In bed until Sunday at noon.

Sun 7/15 -- Felt a little better, did a little yard work, ate a little bit for the first time since Friday. (Lost 7 pounds)

Mon 7/16 -- Headache came back, full force. Went to the travel doc, he takes blood (and I pass out because of my LOW blood pressure - 100/65). He gets me on as much Gatorade as I can drink, and Zithromax. That night, I feel better.

Tue 7/17 -- Feel great, go to cardiologist for a stress test, which I ace. Eating fine now. Weight comes back.

Wed 7/18 -- Full day at work, customer contacts, sales calls. No problem till 8:00, when fever comes back. By midnight, up to 102°.

Thu 7/19 -- Doc says I overdid it, so stuff came back. Back to bed.

Fri 7/20 -- Into work for a couple hours for a necessary meeting. Threw up on the way in. Back in bed at 11:00am, where I stay until Sat morning at 9:00. Fever alternates between 102.8° and 97.1°! Thermostat totally out of whack. No headache, though.

Sat 7/21 -- Fine today except for no energy. Most of the day lounging and driving a little bit.

Sun 7/22 -- Totally recovered and fine from here out.

What was it? Don't know right now, but the best guess so far is Leptospirosis, a little water-borne pest that gets passed through animal urine.

8/13 - Final test results in. Not Leptospirosis at all, but Typhoid Fever. Wow. Still completely OK, and the doc thinks I've fully recovered.

If you go to Africa, be careful! Be completely religious about not only the water you drink, but about any water that touches you at all!

©2001 Dan McGlaun