Total Solar Eclipse 2017
Monday, 21 Aug 2017
Maps of the Path of Totality:

Of course, you can visit here to see a dynamic Google map of the path. But, we've taken the liberty of saving a few specific maps from that site. (Thanks, Xavier!)

In each case, remember: you want to be as close to the blue center line as possible. But definitely, you MUST be within the dark gray path of totality!

Skip the narrative and go right to the maps

This page will show you some level of detail. Here are more detailed maps of selected cities. It's an interesting fact that this eclipse path cuts right through the middle of several very large cities. If you're in St. Louis or Kansas City, you need to be in a certain part of town to see totality. Nashville is partially in totality. Portland OR misses it, as does Atlanta and Chattanooga. Bowling Green is barely in the path. Greenville SC is, but Spartanburg isn't! And Charlotte misses as well. Omaha is not in the path, but Lincoln is - just barely. And the great national Parks of Yellowstone/Grand Teton, and the Great Smoky Mountains are cut in half by the path. But Craters of the Moon misses the show! The Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky will be perfect, weather permitting! But if you want to be there to see it, then you need to be in the right spot! Check out the maps to make sure you're there!

See here how the path just barely cuts into Iowa. No cities in that state will see totality.
Ditto for Montana. Check out the teeny little piece of this grand state that sees totality!

Here are maps of the beaches in Oregon and South Carolina

There are other cities that are on the edge of the shadow. Here, you need to know where to be in order to see totailty:

Cape Girardeau, MO
Charleston, SC

Cleveland, TN
Knoxville, TN
Redmond, OR

There are some great cities that are squarely in the path, as well! Check out the maps below, and prepare for a great show, all you inhabitants of Columbia, Rexburg, Lincoln, North Platte, Paducah, Grand Island and Casper! You're some of the lucky ones who won't even have to leave home!

There are other maps to see on the page that describes the Path through the US.

Click on the thumbnails below to pull up a full-sized map.

First, here's a map to show you the entire path across the continental U.S.:
You want to be somewhere in the dark band on eclipse day!

Now, here is a combined map that is zoomed in a little bit more:

Still not detailed enough? OK, we'll take it one section of the country at a time:



That's it for the detailed maps. Find your city, and get to the path!

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